The Feldenkrais Method


My version of the Feldenkrais Method is based on a few principles:

  1. Movement can be effortless. Almost any action can feel relatively easy and light. People who are at the top of the game in any domain make action look easy because they simply apply themselves to the thing they intend, with no extraneous effort.

  2. In order to do things effortlessly, you have to practice doing things effortlessly. Paradoxically, it takes a certain kind of effort to make things effortless. It’s not easy being easy. The Feldenkrais Method is a way to practice doing without effort.

  3. The Skeleton is effortless. The Feldenkrais Method is oriented around thinking and acting skeletally because the skeleton is effortless and always immediately available. We can learn to be effortless by following our skeletons.

  4. Learning how to rest is important. Practicing effortlessness requires a lot of resting in the midst of action. When you rest in the midst of action, often you become aware of how things could be easier. Complete rest is the secret to complete action.