Bridges and Tunnels

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Bridges and Tunnels


Saturday, January 26, 2019 at 1 PM – 4 PM

Boulder Healing Hub, LLC

1650 38th Street, Suite 100E, Boulder, Colorado 80301

Hosted by Body Horizons

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Is there somewhere in life you are trying to get, some thing you're trying to feel? How do you get there from here?

If you are a body-nerd, you probably inquire and experiment with movements and sensations.

In this meeting we'll do 2 movement lessons, both riffing on bridging with the arms and tunneling with the head.

In the tradition of Awareness Through Movement, these will be simple, progressive movement lessons to infuse actions with choice, to tune into the deepest, easiest selections of your nervous system.

New choices, new neural pathways.

Changes on fundamental levels, so that your highest functions emerge effortlessly.

Body-nerdom is what the world needs right now, integrating our basic motor functioning with our highest potentials as people. 

Come together body-nerds!

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